• Aimee Ransleben

Mother Nature and the Hope of Spring despite the Pandemic

Even in these unbelievable times of a global pandemic, mandatory and self-quarantines, and with toilet paper shortages, Mother Nature is defying it all and is actually bringing folks together across this great country. Granted, this is from my viewpoint isolated here in the Texas Hill Country, but let me explain.

I recently received a pecan order with a wonderful note from a woman in New Hampshire. It warmed my heart to learn that she and her family enjoyed the photographs of the farm while being quarantined in their home. It has been fun to share some emails, photos of bluebonnets, and of course, pecans! While I hope to someday be able to meet her in person here on the farm, I do feel as if I have a new friend out there.

It was from our brief exchanges that I realized Mother Nature may, in some small way, provide a glimmer of hope to people cooped up in their apartments and homes. There is hope in knowing that Mother Nature is marching on despite this pandemic and that we will all be back to our lives sooner rather than later. Perhaps our new normal will be elbow bumps instead of handshakes, more homegrown vegetables instead of canned or frozen, and more teleworking across all industries.

As if snubbing her nose at the pandemic, Mother Nature has given us bud break in the pecan orchard, proof that she is already working on next year’s harvest, along with fields of fragrant bluebonnets here in the Texas Hill Country.

With all of the rainfall this year, we are already having to mow our lawns at the end of March! Mother Nature also has afforded me the excitement of spotting several nests of our beneficial insects, the Wheel Bug. This is a great sign for the orchard.

I hope each of you finds joy in my message and these photos and that y’all enjoy seeing the orchard progress from dormancy to harvest come fall. Looking forward, all of us will be working again soon. Stay safe out there.


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