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Harvest Is Just Around The Corner!

Thank you for visiting Buddy’s Pecans website and joining us as we harvest the 2019 pecan crop! Now that our website is live, I’ll blog about our activities and learnings as often as I am able so that you can be a part of the process too.

While walking through the orchard this evening to irrigate, I noticed a few pecans of the Pawnee variety that were already showing signs of shuck-split or shuck opening which only means one thing -- harvest is just around the corner! My father always said that fall harvest began right around his birthday which is coming up on September 22.

Shuck opening early September

I was curious as to how the nut was filling out and what the meat looked like so I cut into one pecan. The meat looked beautiful with a warm buttery color but it was still a bit green. This just means that the pecan needs to dry since the kernel was still pliable. A pecan that is ready to eat will snap when bent.

I will keep you updated on the harvest as the season proceeds!

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