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Welcome to Buddy's Pecans!
We are a small third-generation farm operating in the beautiful Texas Hill Country
where we manage our orchards, harvest pecans, and prepare the pecans for you.

Whether you want to shell pecans yourself to reminisce about your childhood holidays
or just want to enjoy a bag of pecans without the extra work, we have you covered.
Once you have tasted the fresh, buttery pecans direct from our orchards,
you will never want to buy them from a grocery store again!

We offer raw (halves and pieces), roasted, and spiced pecans along with cracked pecans. All products are made to order to guarantee the freshest product possible. Shop our store to enjoy Buddy's Pecans.

Our products

Buddy's Pecans is a veteran-owned business with both second and third generation owners who were honored to serve in the U.S. Navy. Buddy Hodges instilled service to and love for country into his five children, three of whom followed in his military footsteps.


Buddy's Pecans is proud to offer pesticide-free pecans. By implementing organic practices into the management of our farm, we use beneficial insects to control pests that are harmful to our trees, leaves, and nuts.

Pesticide-free pecans
Sept 2001 - Dad at 70 years old.jpg

One of my favorite memories of time with my father is when we walked together through the orchard during the fall. He would pick up a pecan that had dropped on the ground or pluck one hanging from a just opened shuck, pull out his pocketknife, and start shelling the nut. Once the meat was exposed, my dad would study the meat to see if it had fully filled out the interior space of the shell and inspect for blemishes such as black spots caused by the stinkbug. Once satisfied that the meat looked good, he would place the blade of his knife down the middle of the pecan and pop apart the two halves, hand one to me, and ask, “You want some?”. Then my dad would place the second half of the pecan in his mouth, chew with appreciation, and gently nod as if to say, “Mother Nature did it again!”. 

It is that same experience of being offered a pecan from the grower and tasting its amazing buttery freshness, compliments of Mother Nature, that I wish to impart to you.  

Aimee (Hodges) Ransleben

A special memory
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